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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Skilful" and the answer is "ADEPT." Let's explore why this clue has this answer:

  • 1. Definition: The word "adept" is an adjective that means having or demonstrating skill or proficiency in a particular area. It implies a high level of competence and expertise.
  • 2. Synonyms: Another way to describe a skilful individual is by using synonyms such as proficient, skilled, accomplished, expert, or talented. These words are closely related to the meaning of "adept" and can help confirm the accuracy of the answer.
  • 3. Crossword Clue Analysis: In the given clue, "Skilful" directly indicates a person's ability or proficiency in a specific activity. The answer "adept" aligns perfectly with this definition, as it specifically relates to someone who possesses great skill or expertise in a particular field.
  • 4. Crossword Structure: The number of squares in the crossword grid for this clue matches the length of the answer "adept." This consistency suggests that "adept" is the correct solution, fitting precisely into the available space.
  • 5. Crossword Theme: Sometimes, crossword puzzles have an underlying theme or concept that provides additional context for solving the clues. In this case, if other related clues or theme words refer to proficiency, skills, or expertise, it further supports the selection of "adept" as the answer.

Considering the definition of "adept," its synonyms, the analysis of the clue, the structure of the crossword, and any potential thematic connections, we can confidently say that "ADEPT" is the correct answer for the clue "Skilful."

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More Answers:

  • DEFT
  • ABLE

Definition of "ADEPT"

very skilled or proficient at something

Example :
  • she is adept at cutting through red tape
  • an adept negotiator
  • he is an adept at imitation

  •  The Crossword clue "Skilful" published 214 time/s & has 11 answer/s. 
    Mirror quick15 February 2024ADEPT - Concise18 January 2024ADEPT
    The Guardian Quick28 December 2023ADEPT
    The Telegraph - Quick6 December 2023ADEPT
    Evening Standard - Easy29 November 2023ADEPT
    Evening Standard - Quick17 November 2023ADEPT
    Lovatts Enigma22 June 2023ADEPT
    The Irish Independent Simple19 June 2023DEFT
    Metro Quick14 June 2023ADEPT
    The Irish News Quick25 February 2023INGENIOUS
    Mirror classic16 January 2022ADEPT
    The Sun Two Speed15 September 2018TALENTED
    The Times Concise25 July 2012ADROIT
    The Guardian23 July 2011ADEPT

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