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Today's (4 April 2024) crossword provided to us by New York Times and the clue is "Showmanship".
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue "Showmanship" leads us to the answer "BRAVURA" for several reasons:

  1. Definition Match: "BRAVURA" is a term often used in the context of performance and entertainment industries to signify a showy display of skill, vigor, or flair. This directly correlates with the essence of showmanship, where performers captivate audiences through impressive and flamboyant presentation.
  2. Word Origin: Delving into the etymology, "BRAVURA" has Italian roots, with "bravura" translating to "boldness" or "bravery" in English. This ties back to the concept of showmanship, illustrating a bold and confident approach in performances to leave a lasting impact on viewers.
  3. Cultural Context: In the realm of music, particularly opera and instrumental compositions, "BRAVURA" passages are characterized by technically demanding and virtuosic displays. This aligns with showmanship, where artists showcase their exceptional talents in a captivating manner to engage and astonish the audience.

In conclusion, the word "BRAVURA" perfectly encapsulates the essence of showmanship through its connotations of skill, boldness, and impressive flair. It mirrors the captivating and dynamic nature of performances that leave a memorable impact on viewers.

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Definition of "BRAVURA"

great technical skill and brilliance shown in a performance or activity

Example :
  • the recital ended with a blazing display of bravura
  • a bravura performance
  • the show of bravura hid a guilty timidity

  •  The Crossword clue "Showmanship" published 2 time/s & has 2 answer/s. 
    New York Times4 April 2024BRAVURA
    L.A. Times Daily5 October 2013RAZZMATAZZ

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