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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

When looking at the clue "Ship's prison" and the answer "BRIG," the connection becomes clear as we delve into the nautical world. Here's why the answer fits the clue:

  • 1. Nautical Terminology: In maritime vocabulary, a "brig" specifically refers to a confined area on a ship used for detaining crew members as a form of onboard prison.
  • 2. Historical Context: Throughout history, ships used brigs to temporarily confine sailors as punishment or during investigations of misconduct, linking the concept of a prison directly to the term "brig."
  • 3. Specific Usage: The term "brig" is not commonly used in everyday language but is prevalent in naval settings, making it a fitting answer for a crossword clue that hints at a ship-related prison.

By understanding the unique terminology and practices associated with ships and maritime culture, the answer "BRIG" aligns perfectly with the clue "Ship's prison," providing an engaging and educational link between the two puzzle elements.

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Definition of "BRIG"

a two-masted square-rigged ship, typically having an additional lower fore-and-aft sail on the gaff and a boom to the mainmast.

 The Crossword clue "Ship's prison" published 23 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Mirror quick21 February 2024BRIG
Star Tribune10 December 2023BRIG
Lovatts Enigma27 June 2023BRIG
Lovatts American28 May 2023BRIG
Mirror classic30 December 2020BRIG
The Telegraph - Quick20 February 2006BRIG

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