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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Schnauzer's snack" has the answer "ORT". Let's dive into why this answer fits the clue perfectly.

1. Schnauzer: This clue indicates that we're looking for something related to a Schnauzer, which is a breed of dog. Schnauzers are known for their distinctive facial hair and are often associated with their love for food.

2. Snack: The word "snack" suggests that we're looking for a small and quick meal or bite-sized food.

Now, let's explore the answer "ORT" and its connection to the clue:

  1. Meaning: "ORT" is a noun that refers to a small leftover piece of food or a scrap. It often describes the discarded bits of food left on the plate after a meal.
  2. Schnauzer's affinity for scraps: Schnauzers are known for their fondness for scavenging and devouring any leftover food they can find. They have a reputation for being little "garbage disposals" when it comes to cleaning up food scraps.
  3. Size and nature of the snack: Since Schnauzers are small to medium-sized dogs, their snacks are typically smaller portions compared to those of larger breeds. The word "ORT" perfectly conveys the concept of a small and tasty scrap that a Schnauzer would happily enjoy.

In conclusion, the answer "ORT" fits the clue "Schnauzer's snack" as it captures the essence of a small leftover food piece that a Schnauzer would happily devour.

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Definition of "ORT"

a scrap or remainder of food from a meal.

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