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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Right to stop plebs forming ruck" leads us to the answer "SCRUM." Let's break down why this answer fits the clue perfectly:

  1. Right: In crossword clues, "Right" can often refer to the abbreviation "R" representing the direction "Right." It indicates the first letter of the word we are looking for.
  2. to stop: This phrase suggests that something comes to a halt or is interrupted. In the context of the answer "SCRUM," it signifies a pause or cessation.
  3. plebs: "Plebs" can be interpreted as ordinary people or commoners. It hints at a general or common group of individuals in this clue.
  4. forming ruck: "Forming ruck" is a clever way of indicating a gathering or clustering. This could refer to the coming together of entities in a specific manner.

Putting it all together, "SCRUM" is a term used in rugby to describe a formation where players gather and interlock in a coordinated way to restart play. In the context of the clue's elements, "SCRUM" aligns perfectly with the idea of a group of ordinary individuals (plebs) coming together (forming ruck) in a specific way, akin to the structured formation of a rugby scrum.

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Definition of "SCRUM"

an ordered formation of players, used to restart play, in which the forwards of a team form up with arms interlocked and heads down, and push forward against a similar group from the opposing side. The ball is thrown into the scrum and the players try to gain possession of it by kicking it backwards towards their own side.

Example :
  • there was quite a scrum of people at the bar
  • the two men scrummed down together for University College, Dublin
  • everyone was scrumming around behind him

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    The Sun Two Speed12 June 2024SCRUM

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