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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Remains" and the answer is "STAYS". Let's delve into why this clue corresponds to the answer "STAYS".

1. Association: The clue "Remains" implies that we are looking for a word that means something that is left behind or persists in a certain place or situation. We immediately think of the word "STAYS" as it perfectly fits this description.

2. Synonym: "STAYS" is a synonym for "remains". It implies the idea of staying or staying behind, which aligns with the clue's meaning.

3. Grammatical agreement: The answer "STAYS" agrees with the clue in terms of both tense and plurality. The verb "STAYS" matches the present tense of the clue, and it also matches grammatically as a singular noun "Remains" indicates one or a single entity.

4. Crossword structure: The crossword puzzle grid provides us with a certain number of spaces for the answer. In this case, the number of spaces in the grid corresponds to the number of letters in the solution "STAYS".

5. Compatibility with intersecting words: If we have intersecting words with specific letters in the puzzle, it's crucial that the solution fits both horizontally and vertically. "STAYS" satisfies this requirement as it fits smoothly and harmoniously into the crossword puzzle grid.

In conclusion, the clue "Remains" has the answer "STAYS" because it is associated with similar meanings, is a synonym, corresponds to the grammatical agreement, fits the crossword puzzle structure, and is compatible with intersecting words. Remember, crossword puzzles challenge our linguistic skills, and finding the right answers can be a satisfying mental exercise!

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  • REST
  • LEES
  • ASH

 The Crossword clue "Remains" published 122 time/s & has 16 answer/s. 
Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate4 May 2024STAYS
Lovatts Enigma4 April 2024STAYS
Mirror classic17 March 2024STAYS
USA Today21 February 2024STAYS
The Telegraph - Quick4 January 2024DETRITUS
Evening Standard - Quick21 December 2023ASHES
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