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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue "Regal" leads to the answer "QUEENLY" for a specific reason:

  1. Meaning Connection: The clue "Regal" suggests royalty or majesty, which directly links to the word "QUEENLY." In terms of royalty and monarchy, the term "queenly" embodies qualities associated with queens, such as grace, elegance, and authority.
  2. Word Association: When solving crosswords, it's crucial to consider the subtle nuances of language. The word "queenly" is an adjectival form derived from "queen," indicating traits or characteristics befitting a queen, aligning perfectly with the regal connotation of the clue.
  3. Cultural Context: Across various cultures, queens are often regarded as symbols of power and sophistication. Therefore, the word "queenly" encapsulates the essence of royalty and grandeur, making it a precise match for the clue provided.

This close relationship between the clue "Regal" and the answer "QUEENLY" highlights the intricate nature of crossword puzzles, where linguistic subtleties and associative thinking play a significant role in unraveling the mystery of each clue.

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Definition of "QUEENLY"

resembling, fit for, or appropriate to a queen

Example :
  • a dark-haired woman of queenly manner

  •  The Crossword clue "Regal" published 150 time/s & has 9 answer/s. 
    Lovatts Enigma4 April 2024QUEENLY
    Star Tribune22 March 2024IMPERIAL
    Irish Times Simplex8 March 2024MAJESTIC
    Mirror classic2 March 2024ROYAL
    Evening Standard - Quick30 January 2024ROYAL
    The Times Concise13 January 2024ROYAL
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