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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Radically original" in today's crossword puzzle leads us to the answer "REVOLUTIONARY". This word perfectly matches the clue because it describes something that is groundbreaking, innovative, and goes against traditional norms. Let's explore why this clue has this answer:

  1. Radically: The word "radically" suggests that something is different or extreme. It implies a significant departure from the usual or conventional. Synonyms for "radically" could include "drastically" or "profoundly."
  2. Original: The term "original" refers to something that is new and not derived from anything else. It indicates that the subject has not been seen or experienced before. It denotes creativity and uniqueness.

When we combine these two words, "radically" and "original," we get the word "REVOLUTIONARY." This term perfectly reflects the concept of being radically original. A revolutionary idea, invention, or person brings about a complete and transformative change. It challenges existing systems, norms, or beliefs in a way that leads to a significant shift in society, science, politics, or any other relevant field.

The answer "REVOLUTIONARY" aligns with the clue's meaning and satisfies the requirements for both "radically" and "original." It denotes a significant departure from the norm, and it implies an element of innovation, progress, and forward-thinking.

For example:

  • A person who introduces a new and groundbreaking technology can be considered revolutionary.
  • A scientific discovery that completely changes our understanding of a phenomenon can also be described as revolutionary.
  • In history, leaders who spearhead major social or political changes are often referred to as revolutionaries.

In conclusion, the answer "REVOLUTIONARY" matches the clue "Radically original" because it captures the essence of something that is groundbreaking, innovative, and challenges existing norms or beliefs. It reflects a departure from the usual and introduces a transformative change.

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Definition of "REVOLUTIONARY"

involving or causing a complete or dramatic change

Example :
  • a revolutionary new drug
  • the revolutionary army

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