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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

In today's crossword puzzle, the clue is "Policeman's instruction creating chaos" and the answer is "DISORDER". Let's break down why this answer is the correct one for this clue.

  1. Policeman's instruction: This part of the clue indicates that we are looking for a word or phrase related to something a policeman might say or do.
  2. Creating chaos: The phrase "creating chaos" suggests that the answer should be a term associated with disorder or confusion.

Putting these two elements together, we arrive at the word "DISORDER" as the answer. When a policeman gives an instruction that leads to chaos, it means that there is a disruption or lack of order. "Disorder" perfectly fits this description and matches the given clue.

Crossword puzzles often require the solver to think creatively and make connections between different words or phrases. In this case, the clue cleverly combines the concept of a policeman's instruction with the resulting chaos, leading us to the answer "DISORDER". This type of wordplay and association is what makes crossword puzzles both challenging and enjoyable.

In conclusion, the clue "Policeman's instruction creating chaos" correctly corresponds to the answer "DISORDER" because it effectively combines the elements of a policeman's action and the resulting disorder or chaos.

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Definition of "DISORDER"

a state of confusion

Example :
  • the world 's currency markets were in disorder
  • recurrent food crises led to outbreaks of disorder
  • skin disorders

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    The Times Cryptic12 February 2024DISORDER

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