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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue, "Piece of literary misdirection," leads to the answer "REDHERRING" for the following reasons:

  • Misdirection: In literature, a red herring is a plot device used to distract or mislead readers from the true path of a story.
  • Literary Device: The term "red herring" originated from the practice of using a strong-smelling and red-colored fish to train hunting dogs. In literature, it signifies a misleading clue intentionally inserted to divert attention from the real solution.
  • Distracting Element: Just like a red herring can lead a dog off the scent of its target, a literary red herring can divert readers away from the actual resolution of a plot twist or mystery.

This connection between the clue "Piece of literary misdirection" and the answer "REDHERRING" highlights the clever use of misdirection in literary works.

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USA Today4 April 2024REDHERRING

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