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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Petula Clarke's signature song" leads us to the answer "DOWNTOWN" for several reasons:

  1. Petula Clarke: Petula Clark is a well-known British singer, and "signature song" suggests we are looking for one of her most famous tunes.
  2. Song Title Connection: "DOWNTOWN" is indeed one of Petula Clark's most iconic songs. It was released in 1964 and became a chart-topping hit in the United States and the United Kingdom, solidifying it as her signature tune.
  3. Lyrics Reference: The lyrics of "DOWNTOWN" convey a message of finding happiness and excitement in the bustling city center, aligning with the idea of a signature song for a renowned artist like Petula Clark.
  4. Popularity and Cultural Impact: Given the widespread recognition and enduring popularity of "DOWNTOWN," it makes sense as the answer to a clue seeking Petula Clark's signature song.

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Definition of "DOWNTOWN"

in or relating to the central part or main business and commercial area of a town or city

Example :
  • downtown Chicago
  • a downtown bar
  • I drove downtown

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    The Times Specialist26 May 2024DOWNTOWN

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