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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue is "Part of AD" and the answer for this clue is "ANNO".

The clue "Part of AD" is giving us a hint about a specific part or portion that is associated with the abbreviation AD. In the context of dates, AD stands for Anno Domini, which is a Latin term meaning "in the year of our Lord." It is used to refer to the years after the estimated birth of Jesus Christ. The answer "ANNO" is directly related to the clue as it is the Latin word for "year". So, when we combine the clue and the answer, we get a connection between the part of the abbreviation AD and the Latin word for "year".

To further clarify the connection, let's break down the clue:

  1. The clue mentions "Part of AD". This tells us that we are looking for a specific component or section that is associated with AD.
  2. We know that AD refers to Anno Domini, which relates to years in the Christian calendar.
  3. The Latin word for "year" is "ANNO".

By putting all these pieces together, we can understand that the answer "ANNO" is the specific part or component of the abbreviation AD that corresponds to the concept of a year.

So, in summary, the clue "Part of AD" directs us to the answer "ANNO" because it represents the specific part or component of AD (Anno Domini) that relates to the concept of a year in the Christian calendar.

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More Answers:

  • ANNO
  • DEE

 The Crossword clue "Part of AD" published 187 time/s & has 3 answer/s. 
Newsday.com15 February 2024ANNO
New York Times7 January 2024ANNO
Daily American17 December 2023ANNO
Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate27 November 2023ANNO
L.A. Times Daily13 April 2023ANNO
Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate5 January 2022ANNO
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