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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue is "Part of a bridal bio" and the answer is "NEE". Let's break down the clue and explain why "NEE" is the correct answer.

  1. Part of: This indicates that the answer we are looking for is a component or element within something else.
  2. A bridal bio: This phrase suggests that we need to find a word or term related to a bride's personal information or background.

Putting these clues together, the answer "NEE" fits perfectly. "NEE" is a term commonly used in crossword puzzles to indicate a woman's maiden name. When a woman gets married, she often changes her last name to her spouse's surname. However, to denote her birth or maiden name, the term "NEE" is used. For example, if a bride's birth name was "Smith" but she is now married to someone with the last name "Johnson," her full name would be written as "Mrs. Johnson, nee Smith."

The use of "NEE" as the answer in this crossword clue is a clever way of hinting at the connection between a bride's personal information and the term used to refer to her maiden name. By solving this clue, puzzle solvers can test their knowledge of wedding-related terminology and expand their vocabulary.

Keep in mind that "NEE" can sometimes be spelled with different combinations of capital and lowercase letters, such as "Nee" or "née." However, in crossword puzzles, it is typically represented in all capital letters ("NEE").

Solving crossword puzzles like this not only provides entertainment but also helps exercise the mind and improve vocabulary skills. They challenge solvers to think critically and make connections between various clues, expanding their knowledge and linguistic abilities.

So, with the clue "Part of a bridal bio," the answer "NEE" is a fitting and clever choice that adds a touch of wedding-related terminology to the crossword puzzle.

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Definition of "NEE"

originally called; born (used in giving a married woman's maiden name after her surname)

Example :
  • Mary Toogood, née Johnson

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