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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's crossword clue "Palindromic star pattern" leads us to the answer "ARA." Let's break down why this is the correct answer:

  1. Palindromic: This term refers to a sequence of characters that reads the same forwards as it does backward. In this context, "ARA" is a palindromic sequence where the word remains the same even if read in reverse order.
  2. Star Pattern: In astronomy, the term "Ara" refers to a constellation located in the southern celestial hemisphere. Constellations are patterns of stars as seen from Earth, and "Ara" fits the description of a star pattern.
  3. Connection: By combining the palindromic nature of the answer "ARA" with the reference to a star pattern in the clue, we can see how "ARA" fits perfectly as the solution. It aligns with both the palindromic aspect and the star-related theme hinted at in the clue.

Therefore, when considering a term that is palindromic and connected to a star pattern, "ARA" emerges as the most fitting answer for today's crossword puzzle clue.

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Definition of "ARA"

a small and faint southern constellation (the Altar), in the Milky Way near Scorpius.

Example :
  • the star Delta Arae

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