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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Old stories" and the answer is "LORE".

The word "lore" refers to traditional knowledge or stories that have been passed down through generations. These stories often contain elements of myth, legend, or folklore.

Here are some reasons why "lore" is the correct answer:

  1. Synonym: The word "lore" is a synonym for "old stories." It captures the essence of knowledge and tradition that has been preserved over time.
  2. Cultural Significance: "Lore" is commonly associated with folktales, legends, and myths that are deeply rooted in a particular culture's history and beliefs.
  3. Mythology and Folklore: Many ancient societies relied on oral traditions to pass down stories and legends. These stories often explained natural phenomena, taught moral lessons, or celebrated heroic figures. Examples of such lore include Greek mythology, Norse sagas, and Native American folklore.
  4. Wide Range of Topics: "Lore" encompasses various themes and subjects, including supernatural beings, local legends, historical events, traditional customs, and rituals.
  5. Preservation of Knowledge: "Lore" is a testament to the human desire to preserve cultural heritage and historical narratives. It represents the wisdom and collective experiences of past generations.
  6. Continuity and Evolution: "Lore" evolves and adapts over time as new stories are added, and interpretations change with each generation. It continues to shape the cultural identity and imagination of a community.

In conclusion, the answer "LORE" perfectly matches the clue "Old stories" as it encapsulates the rich tapestry of traditional knowledge, myths, legends, and folktales that have been passed down through generations.

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More Answers:

  • LORE

Definition of "LORE"

a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth

Example :
  • the jinns of Arabian lore
  • baseball lore

  •  The Crossword clue "Old stories" published 19 time/s & has 2 answer/s. 
    Crossword Champ Premium13 February 2024LORE
    Crossword Champ Pro28 September 2023LORE
    Universal5 June 2021LORE
    L.A. Times Daily20 October 2020LORE
    Jonesin13 October 2015LORE
    Ink Well xwords23 August 2013LORE
    Newsday.com11 September 2009LORE
    USA Today28 September 2007LORE
    New York Times13 July 2005MYTHS

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