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The solution for the clue "Number in a record book" from crossword puzzle is mentioned here below. .

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Number in a record book" corresponds to the answer STAT. This answer may seem straightforward, but let's delve into why it fits perfectly:

  1. Record Book: When we think about record-keeping, especially in areas like sports or data tracking, the word "stat" immediately comes to mind. In sports, statistics are crucial for evaluating player performance and tracking achievements.
  2. Number: The term "stat" is commonly used to refer to a numerical data point. Whether it's the number of goals scored in a soccer match or the percentage of a population with a certain characteristic, stats are all about numbers.
  3. Connection to Clue: In the context of a crossword puzzle, the clue "Number in a record book" cleverly combines the idea of a numerical value (number) with its association to records or data (record book), leading solvers to the concise answer of "STAT" which encapsulates both aspects effectively.

This connection highlights the beauty of crossword puzzles in their ability to craft clues that subtly guide players to the correct answers through clever wordplay and associations.

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Definition of "STAT"


Example :
  • I want you tucked up in bed, stat

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