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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue "Not on the level" is answered by the word "ASLANT." Here is why this answer matches the clue:

  • Definition: "ASLANT" means at an angle; not level or straight. It perfectly captures the idea of being not on the level, indicating a deviation from the horizontal or vertical.
  • Word Usage: The term "ASLANT" is commonly used in literature and poetry to describe something positioned diagonally or off-kilter. It implies a sense of imbalance or irregularity, fitting the notion of not being level.
  • Crossword Logic: In crossword puzzles, clues are often designed to have a double meaning or a play on words. "Not on the level" can be interpreted both literally and figuratively, leading solvers to think outside the box, which aligns with the misaligned nature of the word "ASLANT."
  • Similar Synonyms: Other words like "askew," "slanted," or "tilted" could also fit the clue, but "ASLANT" has a unique flair and a less commonly used quality that adds interest to the puzzle.

Overall, "ASLANT" is a fitting answer to the clue "Not on the level," as it encapsulates the concept of something being off-center or slanted rather than perfectly horizontal or vertical.

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More Answers:

  • BENT

Definition of "ASLANT"

at an angle or in a sloping direction

Example :
  • some of the paintings hung aslant
  • rays of light fell aslant a door

  •  The Crossword clue "Not on the level" published 64 time/s & has 15 answer/s. 
    Mini Crossword12 June 2024ASLANT
    7 Little Words5 February 2024SLOPING
    Crossword Champ Premium8 October 2023ASLANT
    L.A. Times Daily16 July 2023SLANTED
    Crossword Champ Pro1 August 2022ASLOPE
    Lovatts American15 January 2022ASKEW
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