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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Not as serious as an incendiary device" leads us to the answer "LIGHTER" for today. Here's why this clue corresponds to "LIGHTER":

  • Opposite Implication: The notion of "not as serious" suggests something less severe or grave compared to an incendiary device, like a lighter. A lighter is a tool used primarily for igniting flames in a controlled and less dangerous manner, contrasting the seriousness associated with an incendiary device.
  • Wordplay: This clue cleverly plays on the multiple meanings of "lighter." While it can refer to a device used to create a flame, it also correlates with the concept of being less weighty or intense, which aligns with the comparison to an incendiary device in terms of seriousness.
  • Direct Relation: Considering that an incendiary device is a highly dangerous object designed to start fires, the idea of something "not as serious" immediately links to a lighter, which serves a similar purpose but on a much smaller and less hazardous scale.
  • Common Usage: In everyday language and contexts, a lighter is commonly associated with lighting cigarettes, candles, or small fires, making it a fitting answer that connects with the clue's implication of reduced gravity compared to an incendiary device.
In conclusion, the answer "LIGHTER" perfectly aligns with the clue's hint of something less severe than an incendiary device, showcasing the linguistic and logical skills often required to deduce the solutions in crossword puzzles.

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Definition of "LIGHTER"

a device that produces a small flame, especially one used to light cigarettes

Example :
  • he lit a cigarette with his gold lighter

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    Crusader Crossword Express4 April 2024LIGHTER

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