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Welcome all Lovatts American Crossword fans! Today, we will uncover the crossword clue "Nitrogenous compound". After researching all the recent clues extensively, we have the best answer for you:

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's crossword clue "Nitrogenous compound" leads us to the answer "UREA." Here's why this clue has this answer:

  • Chemical Composition: Urea is a nitrogenous compound widely known for its chemical composition of CO(NH2)2. This aligns perfectly with the clue's description of a nitrogenous compound.
  • Biology Connection: In biology, urea is a waste product formed in the liver when proteins are metabolized. As a nitrogenous compound, urea fits the bill for the given clue.
  • Solubility: Urea is highly soluble in water, making it a significant nitrogenous compound frequently encountered in various scientific and industrial applications.

Considering the chemical properties, biology relevance, and solubility aspects, the answer "UREA" aptly corresponds to the crossword clue "Nitrogenous compound." This connection highlights the diverse applications and significance of urea in various fields.

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Definition of "UREA"

a colourless crystalline compound which is the main nitrogenous breakdown product of protein metabolism in mammals and is excreted in urine.

 The Crossword clue "Nitrogenous compound" published 15 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Lovatts American21 April 2024UREA

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