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Today is 28 January 2024 and we have the correct solution for the crossword clue "Naval Academy graduates" listed below:

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Naval Academy graduates" and the answer is "ENSIGNS". Let's break it down and see why this clue has this answer.

1. The clue "Naval Academy graduates" indicates that we are looking for a term that refers to individuals who have completed their education at a Naval Academy.

2. The term "graduates" suggests that we are searching for a plural noun to represent more than one individual.

3. The answer "ENSIGNS" fits these criteria perfectly. An ensign is a rank in the military, specifically in the navy, and it is given to new officers who have completed their training at a Naval Academy. Since the clue is looking for plural graduates, "ENSIGNS" is the correct answer.

4. The term "ENSIGN" is derived from the Latin word "insignia," which means mark or badge. In the navy, ensigns wear a distinct badge on their uniforms to signify their rank.

To summarize, the clue "Naval Academy graduates" refers to individuals who have completed their education at a Naval Academy. The plural noun "ENSIGNS" accurately represents these graduates as it is a rank given to new officers in the navy. The term originates from the Latin word "insignia" and signifies the mark or badge worn by ensigns in the navy.

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