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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue "Muzzle" corresponds to the answer "GAG." Here's why this answer fits the clue:

  • Restriction: A gag is commonly used to restrict speech or to prevent someone from speaking freely. In this context, a muzzle can be seen as a similar device that prevents verbal communication, thus linking the idea of restriction between the clue and the answer.
  • Silencing: Both a muzzle and a gag serve the purpose of silencing an individual. A muzzle on an animal prevents it from barking or biting, while a gag on a person limits their ability to speak clearly. This commonality in silencing ties the two words together.
  • Common Usage: The term "gag" is often associated with preventing speech in various settings, such as in comedy when someone delivers a punchline. This familiar usage makes it a fitting answer for a clue like "Muzzle," which conveys the idea of restraining speech.

Overall, the answer "GAG" for the clue "Muzzle" is a concise and appropriate choice that aligns well with the theme of speech restriction or silencing implied by the term "Muzzle."

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More Answers:

  • GAG
  • HUSH
  • NOSE

Definition of "GAG"

a piece of cloth put in or over a person's mouth to prevent them from speaking

Example :
  • they tied him up and put a gag in his mouth
  • every contract contains a self-signed gag
  • she was bound and gagged by robbers

  •  The Crossword clue "Muzzle" published 59 time/s & has 6 answer/s. 
    Penny dell4 April 2024GAG
    Lovatts American5 March 2024GAG
    Mirror quick25 January 2024SNOUT
    Evening Standard - Quick25 January 2024SNOUT
    Star Tribune19 January 2024SNOUT
    Lovatts Enigma25 November 2023GAG
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