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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

When we look at the clue "Moisten again," the answer "REWET" fits perfectly due to its direct relation to the clue. The explanation for why this answer is appropriate lies in the following points:

  • Specificity: The term "moisten" implies the act of making something wet. The prefix "re-" in "REWET" signifies doing something again or repeating an action. Therefore, "REWET" directly signifies the action of moistening once more, aligning precisely with the clue's context.
  • Clue-Answer Relationship: In crosswords, the challenge is often in finding a word that not only fits the definition provided by the clue but also links back to the clue logically. "REWET" achieves this by both describing the action of moistening and incorporating the idea of repetition, which is crucial in understanding the connection between the clue and the answer.
  • Common Crossword Terminology: Crossword enthusiasts are familiar with terms that require them to think beyond the surface level of a clue. "REWET" falls into this category, where the answer may not be an everyday term but makes perfect sense in the context of a crossword puzzle due to its specific relationship with the clue.

In conclusion, the answer "REWET" aptly fits the clue "Moisten again" by directly addressing the action of moistening once more through its composition and relevance to the context provided, making it a satisfying solution for today's crossword puzzle.

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 The Crossword clue "Moisten again" published 11 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Penny dell4 April 2024REWET
Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate27 August 2017REWET

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