Millions getting stuck into hot toast is tops Crossword Clue

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Love solving crosswords but fail to get the right answers? Need answer for the clue "Millions getting stuck into hot toast is tops" ??? Don't worry, we are here to help you find the perfect solutions to "The Times Specialist" crossword puzzles using the given "Millions getting stuck into hot toast is tops" clue.

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue, "Millions getting stuck into hot toast is tops," leads us to the answer "ATMOST." Here's why this clue corresponds to this answer:

  1. Millions: In the clue, "millions" indicates a large quantity or an abundant number. This hints at a vast amount or high quantity, setting the stage for the answer.
  2. Stuck into hot toast: The phrase "stuck into hot toast" suggests a sense of limit or boundary, as with toast being consumed quickly while hot. This connects to the concept of being at a specific boundary or limit.
  3. Is tops: The phrase "is tops" emphasizes being at the highest or maximum point. This further strengthens the idea of reaching a limit or boundary.
With these elements combined, "ATMOST" perfectly fits the clue's context. The answer implies being at or reaching the highest possible quantity or limit, aligning closely with the clues provided in the crossword puzzle.

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The Times Specialist31 March 2024ATMOST

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