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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue "Mariner's direction" with the answer "AFT" is a common nautical term used to describe the direction behind a ship. In the context of a crossword puzzle, it's essential to understand the terminology related to sailing and navigation to solve this clue correctly. Below are the key points explaining why "AFT" fits perfectly with the clue:

  • Nautical Terminology: "AFT" is a term primarily used in seafaring to indicate the back or rear part of a ship or boat. It is the direction opposite to the bow or front.
  • Mariner's Reference: When a mariner is navigating a vessel, understanding directions like "AFT" becomes crucial for steering and maneuvering effectively.
  • Crossword Context: In the context of a crossword puzzle, the clue "Mariner's direction" hints at a word related to ship navigation, making "AFT" the apt answer given its direct association with maritime directions.

By connecting the clue to the nautical term "AFT," crossword enthusiasts can expand their vocabulary while enjoying the challenge of deciphering maritime references within the puzzle. Understanding such terms adds a layer of depth and learning to the crossword-solving experience.

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More Answers:

  • AFT
  • ALEE

Definition of "AFT"

at, near, or towards the stern of a ship or tail of an aircraft

Example :
  • Travis made his way aft
  • the aft cargo compartment

  •  The Crossword clue "Mariner's direction" published 16 time/s & has 3 answer/s. 
    Lovatts American12 June 2024AFT
    L.A. Times Daily31 March 2019ALEE
    Newsday.com2 June 2016AFT
    Boston Globe4 July 2010ALEE
    Universal5 December 2005ALEE

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