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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Male duck" and the answer is "DRAKE".

The term "Male duck" refers to a specific type of duck that is specifically identified as male. In the world of ornithology, the term "drake" is used to describe the male counterpart of various species of ducks. It is an important clue because it provides a clear indication that we are looking for a word that represents a male duck.

Here's why "DRAKE" is the perfect answer for today's clue:

  1. Male ducks are commonly referred to as "drakes" in the birding community. Birders and scientists often use the term "drake" to distinguish between male and female ducks. As such, it is the most accurate and fitting answer for the clue.
  2. The word "DRAKE" specifically relates to male ducks. It is a concise and precise word that describes the male members of the duck family. By using this answer, the crossword provides an accurate representation of the clue.
  3. "DRAKE" aligns with common crossword conventions. Crossword puzzles often strive to use common words and terms. "DRAKE" is a word that is widely known and used, making it a suitable choice for crossword puzzles aiming for accessibility and familiarity.
  4. The length of the word matches the number of squares available in the crossword. "DRAKE" consists of five letters, which fits perfectly into a crossword that has five empty squares for this particular clue. The answer length must match the available spaces in the puzzle, adding an extra layer of confirmation.

In conclusion, today's crossword clue, "Male duck", is best answered with "DRAKE" due to its direct association with male ducks and alignment with common crossword conventions. By providing this answer, the crossword puzzle ensures a precise and accurate representation of the clue for a satisfying solving experience.

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Definition of "DRAKE"

a male duck

Example :
  • a drake mallard
  • green drake hatches

  •  The Crossword clue "Male duck" published 160 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
    Penny dell11 May 2024DRAKE
    Newsday.com29 April 2024DRAKE
    Mirror quiz22 April 2024DRAKE
    USA Today13 April 2024DRAKE
    Daily Quick21 March 2024DRAKE
    Lovatts Enigma21 March 2024DRAKE
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