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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Make money" and the answer is "EARN". This answer is appropriate for the given clue for the following reasons:

  1. Associated Meaning: The word "EARN" is commonly associated with the act of making money through work or effort. It implies receiving payment or compensation in exchange for services rendered.
  2. Synonyms: "EARN" is synonymous with other words like "gain," "acquire," or "obtain," all of which refer to the process of generating income or obtaining financial resources.
  3. Common Usage: In everyday language, "EARN" is widely used to describe the act of making money, whether through employment, entrepreneurship, investments, or other means. It is a straightforward and commonly understood term.
  4. Crossword Clue Consistency: Given the question's length restrictions, the single word "EARN" fits perfectly into the crossword grid, aligning with the number of squares provided for the answer. It satisfies the puzzle's size limitations while still providing an accurate response.
  5. Logical Deduction: Considering the context of the crossword puzzle as a whole, the clue "Make money" leaves few alternatives. "EARN" is the most logical answer that precisely matches the clue's meaning.
  6. Crossword Puzzle Convention: As an experienced crossword enthusiast, I recognize that crossword puzzles often incorporate common phrases or expressions. The phrase "Make money" is a classic crossword clue that typically leads to the answer "EARN."

In conclusion, the answer to today's crossword clue "Make money" is "EARN." It aligns with the given clue's meaning, common usage, and fits appropriately within the puzzle's constraints. "EARN" accurately represents the act of making money through work or effort, making it the most suitable answer.

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More Answers:

  • EARN
  • MINT

Definition of "EARN"

obtain (money) in return for labour or services

Example :
  • I earn £10 an hour working in the shop
  • he earns his living as a lorry driver
  • this latest win earned them $50,000 in prize money

  •  The Crossword clue "Make money" published 52 time/s & has 4 answer/s. 
    Star Tribune18 February 2024EARN
    Crossword Champ Pro15 February 2024EARN
    USA Today13 February 2024PROFIT
    L.A. Times Daily19 November 2023EARN
    Daily Themed Mini13 June 2023EARN
    Daily Themed14 April 2023EARN
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