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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Lie ___ (go into hiding)" with the answer "LOW" may seem puzzling at first. However, the word "LOW" in this context refers to physically positioning oneself in a lower or hidden position to avoid detection or observation, which aligns with the idea of going into hiding. Let's break down why "LOW" fits as the answer:

  • 1. Lie: In this context, "lie" can refer to the action of reclining or resting in a horizontal position, which often involves being at a lower level.
  • 2. Into hiding: When someone goes into hiding, they typically aim to make themselves less visible or noticeable, which can involve crouching or positioning oneself in a low or concealed manner.
  • 3. Connection: Putting these two parts together, "Lie ___ (go into hiding)" suggests that the answer should relate to physically lowering oneself to avoid detection or evade sight.

Therefore, the answer "LOW" accurately captures the concept of assuming a hidden or obscured position, akin to going into hiding. It may be a wordplay clue that challenges solvers to think beyond the literal interpretation of the words and consider their contextual meanings within the crossword puzzle.

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Definition of "LOW"

of less than average height from top to bottom or to the top from the ground

Example :
  • the school is a long, low building
  • a low table
  • the sun was low in the sky

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