Left-winger taken aback about blokes in distress Crossword Clue

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's crossword clue, "Left-winger taken aback about blokes in distress," corresponds to the answer "TORMENT." Here's why this clue leads to that answer:

  • Left-winger: This suggests looking for a word associated with the political left or the left side in general. It may also hint at something being "left" or remaining.
  • Taken aback: This phrase indicates a sense of surprise or shock, possibly implying a reversal or a change in direction.
  • About blokes: "Blokes" is a term often used to refer to men or individuals in British English, suggesting a group of people.
  • In distress: This phrase signifies a state of suffering, pain, or anguish, hinting at emotional or physical turmoil.

Putting these elements together, the answer "TORMENT" fits the clue. It encompasses the idea of distress or suffering, which aligns with the overall theme depicted by the clue's components when considering the reversal aspect implied by "taken aback." The term "torment" captures the essence of this puzzling combination, making it a fitting solution for today's crossword challenge.

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Definition of "TORMENT"

severe physical or mental suffering

Example :
  • their deaths have left both families in torment
  • the journey must have been a torment for them
  • he was tormented by jealousy

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