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Today's (16 February 2024) crossword provided to us by L.A. Times Daily and the clue is "Law org. led by Christopher A. Wray since 2017".
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Law org. led by Christopher A. Wray since 2017," and the answer is "THEFBI."

This clue is referring to an organization that is led by Christopher A. Wray since 2017 in the field of law. Taking a closer look at the clue, we can break it down into two parts:

  1. "Law org." - This is an abbreviation for "law organization," which indicates that we are looking for the name of a legal entity.
  2. "Christopher A. Wray since 2017" - This gives us a specific time period and the name of an individual associated with the organization.

By analyzing these parts of the clue, we can determine that "THEFBI" is the correct answer. Here's why:

  1. The abbreviation "FBI" stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is widely recognized as a law organization.
  2. In 2017, Christopher A. Wray became the Director of the FBI, making him the leader of the organization mentioned in the clue.

Putting the pieces together, we can see that "THEFBI" fits perfectly as the answer to the clue. It accurately represents the law organization (FBI) and the leader (Christopher A. Wray) mentioned in the clue.

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