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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Latin opposite of 'mala'" hints at finding the Latin counterpart that is the opposite of 'mala'. In Latin, 'mala' means 'bad' or 'evil'. Therefore, the answer 'BONA' is identified as the Latin term opposite to 'mala', which translates to 'good'. The connection between the clue and the answer lies in the contrasting meanings of 'mala' and 'BONA', where 'mala' signifies something negative or unfavorable, and 'BONA' signifies something positive or favorable.

To illustrate with examples:

  • mala: Latin for 'bad' or 'evil'
  • BONA: Latin for 'good'

By understanding the Latin definitions of 'mala' and 'BONA', solvers can deduce the relationship between the clue and the answer, enhancing their language knowledge and crossword-solving skills.

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