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The hint for today's crossword puzzle is brought you by "Irish Times Crosaire" and the clue we are solving today is "Languid massage is cheering".

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

When analyzing the clue "Languid massage is cheering" alongside the answer "LAUDING," the connection becomes clear through the following breakdown:

  1. Languid: This adjective suggests a state of lethargy or lack of energy, often associated with weakness or weariness.
  2. Massage: A massage typically involves physical manipulation of the body's muscles to promote relaxation and relieve tension.
  3. Is cheering: This phrase indicates an action that uplifts or praises, bringing joy or positivity to a situation.
These components combine to form the word "LAUDING," which fits the clue due to the following reasons:
  1. Languid massage: The initial part of the clue describes a relaxing and energy-boosting activity, aligning with the idea of uplifting or praising.
  2. Is cheering: Indicates an action that brings positivity or joy, akin to the concept of praising or celebrating.
By considering the soothing aspect of a massage, coupled with the idea of giving praise or approval, the term "LAUDING" emerges as the appropriate answer that encapsulates the essence of the clue.

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