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Today is 12 February 2024 and we have the correct solution for the crossword clue "iPhone app with phone numbers and addresses" listed below:

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "iPhone app with phone numbers and addresses" and the answer for this clue is "CONTACTS". This answer perfectly fits the clue because an iPhone app called "Contacts" is specifically designed to store and manage phone numbers and addresses.

Here are a few reasons why "CONTACTS" is the correct answer:

  1. Phone numbers: The primary function of the "Contacts" app is to store phone numbers. It allows users to save contact details, including phone numbers, for their friends, family, colleagues, and other contacts.
  2. Addresses: In addition to phone numbers, the "Contacts" app also provides a field to store addresses. This enables users to not only keep track of phone numbers but also have quick access to addresses of their contacts.
  3. App functionality: The "Contacts" app on an iPhone provides various features to manage and organize contact information effectively. Users can add, edit, and delete contacts, create contact groups for easy sorting, and even sync their contacts with other devices or accounts.
  4. Availability: Since the clue mentions an iPhone app, it narrows down the possible answers to apps available on Apple's iOS platform. Among the options, "Contacts" is the most appropriate app that matches the given clue.

Therefore, the answer "CONTACTS" accurately corresponds to the clue "iPhone app with phone numbers and addresses" as it perfectly describes the functionality and purpose of the "Contacts" app on an iPhone.

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