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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Insects in a hive" points directly to the answer "BEES" for several reasons:

  1. Colony Structure: Bees are famously known for living in hives, which are bee colonies where they reside and work together.
  2. Hive Dwellers: Bees are the primary inhabitants of a hive, where they engage in tasks such as honey production, pollination, and caring for their queen.
  3. Social Insects: Bees are social insects that exhibit highly structured and organized behavior within their hives, making them a fitting answer to the clue.

The association between the clue "Insects in a hive" and the answer "BEES" is clear and direct, as bees are the quintessential insects that inhabit and operate within a hive environment. This connection highlights the importance of understanding the context and characteristics of the clues to arrive at the correct solutions in crossword puzzles.

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Crosswords With Friends2 April 2024BEES
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