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Today is 4 April 2024 and we are bringing to you a great solution from The Guardian Quick crossword.
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The answer to today's crossword clue "Improvised musical gathering" is JAMSESSION. This answer fits the clue because a jam session typically involves musicians coming together informally to play music, often improvising and creating new sounds on the spot. Let's break down why this answer makes sense:

  • "Jam": In musical terms, "jam" refers to a session where musicians play together in a free-form or improvisational manner. It signifies a collaborative and spontaneous musical performance.
  • "Session": The word "session" indicates a period of time where a particular activity, in this case, music-making, takes place. It can involve multiple individuals engaging in a shared creative endeavor.

When combined, JAMSESSION perfectly encapsulates the concept of musicians gathering impromptu to play music, explore melodies, and experiment with different sounds without a strict agenda or formal structure. It's a term commonly used in the music industry to describe such creative gatherings.

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The Guardian Quick4 April 2024JAMSESSION

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