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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue "Hot stocks" corresponds to the answer "BROTHS" in the crossword puzzle. Here's why the clue fits the answer:

  • Broths: When looking at the term "Hot stocks," we might naturally associate it with the idea of popular or trending items in a particular field. In this context, "broths" as a solution makes sense. Broths, especially in the culinary world, can be considered as trendy or sought-after ingredients due to their versatility and health benefits. Just like in the stock market, certain stocks can be termed "hot" when they are performing well or attracting a lot of attention from investors.
  • Multiple Interpretations: The beauty of crossword clues is their ability to have multiple interpretations. In this case, while "Hot stocks" could technically refer to financial investments, the clever twist leads us to think of "broths" as a different type of hot commodity, highlighting the intricacies of wordplay in crossword puzzles.
  • Association: Another reason why "broths" fit the clue "Hot stocks" can be the association between both terms. While stocks typically denote ownership in a company or a liquid used for soups, "hot" can imply a temperature or popularity factor. Broths, often served steaming hot and gaining popularity in various diet trends, align well with these associations.

By considering these aspects, it becomes evident why "BROTHS" is the suitable answer for the clue "Hot stocks" in today's crossword puzzle.

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Wall Street Journal4 April 2024BROTHS

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