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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Gove unexpectedly pens posh publication" leads us to the answer "VOGUE." Here's why this clue corresponds to the answer:

  1. Gove: In this context, "Gove" can be seen as a wordplay indicating a prominent figure or personality. The name "Gove" may hint at someone influential or distinguished.
  2. Unexpectedly pens: This part of the clue suggests an unexpected action involving writing or creating, possibly indicating a surprising or unique authorship.
  3. Posh publication: "Posh" implies something stylish, elegant, or high-class. The term "publication" indicates a printed work, such as a magazine or journal.
  4. Connection to the Answer "VOGUE": Putting these elements together, "Gove unexpectedly pens posh publication" aligns with the renowned fashion magazine "VOGUE." The magazine is synonymous with high fashion, sophistication, and trendsetting, fitting the description provided in the clue.

By breaking down the clue into its components and considering the context, it becomes clear why "VOGUE" is the correct answer for today's puzzle. The intersection of unexpected writing by a notable figure resulting in a classy publication closely matches the essence of this iconic fashion magazine.

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Definition of "VOGUE"

the prevailing fashion or style at a particular time

Example :
  • the vogue is to make realistic films
  • crochet garments are in vogue this season
  • ‘citizenship’ was to be the government's vogue word

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    The Sun Two Speed4 April 2024VOGUE

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