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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Goes on and on" and the answer is "GABS". Let's explore why this clue has this answer:

  1. The clue "Goes on and on" suggests that we are looking for a word or phrase that represents continuous or never-ending talking.
  2. The answer "GABS" is a verb that means to talk or chat at length.
  3. "GABS" perfectly fits the clue as it describes the action of going on and on with conversation.

The word "GABS" is an informal term that is commonly used to convey the idea of talking excessively or without a pause. It is often used in a light-hearted or playful manner.

Here is an example to highlight the connection between the clue and the answer:

Clue: Goes on and on Answer: GABS

When someone talks a lot without any interruption, we can say that person "GABS" incessantly. The answer captures the essence of the clue, indicating continuous or prolonged conversation.

Overall, "GABS" is the perfect answer for the given clue as it aligns with the meaning of "Goes on and on" and reflects the notion of continuous chatter or talkativeness.

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More Answers:

  • GABS
  • JAWS
  • YAKS
  • YAPS

 The Crossword clue "Goes on and on" published 43 time/s & has 11 answer/s. 
Lovatts American19 April 2024GABS
Crossword Champ Pro6 December 2023LASTS
L.A. Times Daily19 October 2023RANTS
New York Times2 June 2023RANTS
Word Craze26 January 2023LASTS
7 Little Words24 November 2021RAMBLES
The Atlantic12 September 2021YAKS
Newsday.com17 November 2018YAPS
Jonesin17 July 2018DRAGS
The Washington Post28 February 2018GABS
Jonesin Crosswords27 January 2011YAPS
Universal6 January 2002YAKS

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