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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

In crossword puzzles, each clue is a cryptic hint that leads to a specific answer. Today's clue, "Giver makes new entrance outside," requires some deciphering to link it to the correct answer, which is "DONOR."

To break down why this answer fits the clue:

  1. Giver: This part of the clue suggests someone who gives or contributes something, often for a cause or to help others.
  2. Makes new entrance: Here, the phrase "makes new entrance" could indicate the concept of providing a new way in or adding a new access point.
  3. Outside: The word "outside" here likely means exterior, beyond the usual confines, or not within a specific boundary.

Putting these components together, "DONOR" aligns perfectly with the clue:

  1. Donor: A donor is someone who gives or contributes, fitting the "Giver" part of the clue.
  2. Makes new entrance: In the context of a donation, a donor indeed creates a new way in or an opportunity for something, corresponding to the "Makes new entrance" hint.
  3. Outside: The idea of being "outside" in this clue can represent the act of providing help or support beyond one's immediate circle, akin to how a donor often aids external causes or individuals.

By understanding how each element of the clue connects to the answer "DONOR," crossword enthusiasts can appreciate the intricate wordplay and logic involved in solving cryptic puzzles.

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Definition of "DONOR"

a person who donates something, especially money to charity

Example :
  • an anonymous donor has given £25
  • loans from rich donor countries
  • one third of patients die before a suitable donor is found

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