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The clue for your today's crossword puzzle is: "Giant hit in two senses" ,published by Crossword Champ Daily. Please check our best answer below:

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Giant hit in two senses" and the answer is "HOMERUN."

  • Clue: Giant hit in two senses
  • Answer: HOMERUN

This clue has the answer "HOMERUN" because it has a double meaning related to the word "giant" and the action of hitting something.

  1. The first sense of the clue refers to a "giant" hit, which can be interpreted as a powerful and significant hit in the context of sports.
  2. The second sense is the literal meaning of "giant," which relates to the popular children's story "Jack and the Beanstalk." In this story, Jack encounters a giant and manages to escape his clutches by climbing down the beanstalk. The phrase "HOMERUN" can be connected to this story as it shares the word "run" with the action Jack takes to escape from the giant.

Therefore, the answer "HOMERUN" is the perfect fit for the given clue, as it encompasses both the idea of a powerful hit in sports and the connection to a giant from folklore.

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 The Crossword clue "Giant hit in two senses" published 2 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Crossword Champ Daily31 January 2024HOMERUN
The Washington Post Sunday20 November 2022HOMERUN

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