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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Gaze holder" in today's crossword puzzle corresponds to the answer "EYE." This answer fits the clue perfectly due to the following reasons:

  1. Relevance to Gazing: The human eye is the primary organ that facilitates gazing or looking at objects, scenes, or individuals. It acts as the focal point of vision and perception.
  2. Connection to Holding Attention: The eye is often referred to as holding someone's attention. When someone gazes at something, it is the eye that captures and retains the focus on that particular object.
  3. Symbolism in Language: The term "eye" is commonly used metaphorically to represent observation, awareness, or scrutiny. In this context, it can be seen as the holder of the gaze, emphasizing its role in visual engagement.

Therefore, the answer "EYE" for the clue "Gaze holder" is a fitting and precise choice that aligns well with the theme of the crossword puzzle.

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Definition of "EYE"

each of a pair of globular organs of sight in the head of humans and vertebrate animals

Example :
  • my cat is blind in one eye
  • closing her eyes, she tried to relax
  • in the eyes of his younger colleagues, Mr Arnett was an eccentric

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