Garment held by a poor actor in Lincoln? Crossword Clue

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The solution for the clue "Garment held by a poor actor in Lincoln?" from Daily Cryptic crossword puzzle is mentioned here below. .

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue, "Garment held by a poor actor in Lincoln?" leads us to the answer "ABRAHAM." Let's break down why this answer is a perfect fit for the given clue:

  1. Garment: In the clue, "garment" suggests clothing or attire.
  2. Held by a poor actor: The word "actor" often refers to someone who portrays a character. In this context, the actor is portraying a poor character.
  3. In Lincoln: The word "Lincoln" is a crucial hint that directs us to think about Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States.

Putting these elements together, we understand that the garment being held by a poor actor in Lincoln refers to the iconic stovepipe hat associated with Abraham Lincoln. This unique piece ties the clue elements perfectly to the answer "ABRAHAM," as Abraham Lincoln was known for wearing such a hat.

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Definition of "Abraham"

(in the Bible) the Hebrew patriarch from whom all Jews trace their descent (Gen. 11:27–25:10). In Gen. 22 he is ordered by God to sacrifice his son Isaac as a test of faith, a command later revoked.

 The Crossword clue "Garment held by a poor actor in Lincoln?" published 3 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Daily Cryptic4 April 2024ABRAHAM

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