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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue "Galloping stable girl?" leads to the answer "MARE" for several reasons:

  • Galloping: The keyword "galloping" hints at speed or movement, which is typical of horses, including female horses known as mares. Mares are known for their agile and spirited gallops.
  • Stable girl: The term "stable girl" suggests someone who works with horses in a stable environment. As mares are female horses, the use of "girl" in the clue points to the feminine nature of the answer.
  • Overall connection: Combining the clues together, it becomes evident that the answer "MARE" fits perfectly as it encapsulates both the idea of a female horse and the associated action of galloping.

Therefore, the answer "MARE" aligns seamlessly with the clue "Galloping stable girl?" based on the context provided and the relationship between the hint and the solution.

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Definition of "MARE"

the female of a horse or other equine animal.

Example :
  • that crazy mare put three bullets in him
  • this week is going to be a bit of a mare but at least the end is in sight
  • Eboue had an absolute mare down the right hand side

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