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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue is "From the top!" and the answer is "AGAIN". Let's explore why this answer perfectly fits the clue!

1. Synonyms: One way to approach solving crossword puzzles is by exploring synonyms. In this case, "From the top!" is a synonym for "Once more" or "Another time." These synonyms are synonymous with "AGAIN," making it a strong candidate for the correct answer.

2. Contextual meaning: When we analyze the clue "From the top!" within the context of a crossword puzzle, we can infer that it is asking for a word that means repeating an action. "AGAIN" is a word that signifies doing something once more, aligning perfectly with the context of the clue.

3. Opposite perspective: Sometimes, clues may present an opposite perspective to lead us to the answer. "From the top!" implies starting over or repeating from the beginning, which is precisely what "AGAIN" represents. It signals a return to the beginning or performing an action one more time.

4. Frequently used phrase: "AGAIN" is a commonly used word in everyday language. It often appears in phrases and expressions, such as "try again," "start again," or "once again." Crossword creators often utilize familiar and widely recognized words to ensure solvers can decipher the clues effectively.

5. Length of the answer: The answer "AGAIN" matches the length of the empty crossword squares for this particular clue. This consistency in both letter count and format gives further verification that we have found the correct answer.

In conclusion, based on synonyms, contextual meaning, opposite perspective, common usage, and matching letter count, we confidently determine that the answer to today's crossword clue, "From the top!", is indeed "AGAIN." This solution aligns perfectly with the clue's intention, making it the most suitable and logical answer.

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More Answers:

  • ANEW
  • OVER

Definition of "AGAIN"

another time; once more

Example :
  • it was great to meet old friends again
  • he rose, tidied the bed, and sat down again
  • the wages were low but they made half as much again in tips

  •  The Crossword clue ""From the top!”" published 261 time/s & has 7 answer/s. 
    Wall Street Journal12 February 2024AGAIN
    Lovatts American24 December 2023ANEW
    Daily POP14 December 2023ANEW
    Universal27 October 2023ANEW
    L.A. Times Daily18 October 2023ANEW
    Crossword Champ Pro24 September 2023AGAIN
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