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Today is the 15 May 2024 and we are ready with solving the crossword clue "Fries or coleslaw, e.g." under the category "The New Yorker".
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

In today's crossword puzzle, the clue "Fries or coleslaw, e.g." corresponds to the answer SIDE. This answer may seem simple at first glance, but let's delve into why it fits perfectly with the given clue:

  1. Food Association: When we think of "Fries or coleslaw, e.g.," we are immediately drawn to side dishes typically served alongside a main course.
  2. Complementing the Main Course: In a dining setting, side dishes such as fries or coleslaw are meant to accompany and enhance the main dish, just like how the word "SIDE" complements the overall theme of a meal.
  3. Commonly Paired Options: Fries and coleslaw are commonly offered as side options in many restaurants and eateries, emphasizing their relation to the concept of a "SIDE" in a culinary context.
  4. Parallel Structure: Both "fries" and "coleslaw" are examples of sides, aligning with the concise and straightforward nature of the answer "SIDE," which encapsulates these types of accompanying dishes.

By analyzing the clue "Fries or coleslaw, e.g." and the solution "SIDE" through these key points, we can appreciate how the answer elegantly captures the essence of typical side dishes that complement a meal.

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Definition of "SIDE"

a position to the left or right of an object, place, or central point

Example :
  • he hefted the anchor over the side
  • her ability to put up with his disagreeable side
  • a pair of shoes, one side winged by a bullet

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