French wine gets endless regard but it tastes sour Crossword Clue

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The hint for today's crossword puzzle is brought you by "Irish Times Crosaire" and the clue we are solving today is "French wine gets endless regard but it tastes sour".

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "French wine gets endless regard but it tastes sour" leads us to the answer 'VINEGAR' for several reasons:

  1. French Wine: The mention of 'French wine' in the clue hints at a connection to a sour taste, as some French wines are known for their acidity.
  2. Endless Regard: The term 'endless' indicates that something is ongoing or without limits. In this context, 'regard' could refer to respect or consideration.
  3. Tastes Sour: The final part of the clue, 'but it tastes sour', reinforces the idea of a sour flavor profile, which aligns with how vinegar is known for its tangy and acidic taste.

Putting these elements together, the answer 'VINEGAR' fits the clue because vinegar can be made from French wines that have soured or turned acidic over time. Its sour taste and the play on words with 'regard' make it a clever and apt solution for this crossword puzzle.

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Definition of "VINEGAR"

a sour-tasting liquid containing acetic acid, obtained by fermenting dilute alcoholic liquids, typically wine, cider, or beer, and used as a condiment or for pickling.

Example :
  • her aggrieved tone held a touch of vinegar

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    Irish Times Crosaire12 June 2024VINEGAR

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