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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "French article" has the answer "LES". In French, the word "les" is the plural definite article, equivalent to "the" in English. This clue indicates that we are looking for a French word that means "the" and has multiple letters, which matches the word "les". Here are some key points to understand why this clue has this answer:

  1. The clue specifies "French article," indicating that the answer must be a word in the French language.
  2. The word "article" suggests that we are looking for a specific word that functions as a determiner or qualifier, similar to the English word "the."
  3. Since the clue does not provide any additional context or restrictions, we can assume that the answer should be a common and widely used French word.
  4. Considering all these factors, the answer "LES" perfectly fits the clue. It is the plural form of the French definite article "le" (meaning "the" in English).

The relationship between the clue and the answer becomes evident when we understand the linguistic and grammatical aspects of the French language. The use of the definite article "les" in French is essential for understanding noun gender and plurality. It is one of the fundamental words in the French language, and its inclusion in the crossword puzzle reflects the vocabulary richness the puzzle aims to provide.

In summary, the clue "French article" is correctly answered by "LES" because it represents the plural form of the French definite article "le," signifying "the" in English and fitting the given specifications of the clue.

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More Answers:

  • LES
  • UNE
  • DES
  • LE

 The Crossword clue "French article" published 349 time/s & has 4 answer/s. 
Crossword Champ Premium2 February 2024LES
Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate17 January 2024LES
Newsday.com11 January 2024LES
The Washington Post Sunday24 December 2023UNE
Daily Themed23 December 2023UNE
Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate20 November 2023LES
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