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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

In today's crossword puzzle, the clue "Fortuneteller" corresponds to the answer "SEER." This answer is fitting for the clue due to the following reasons:

  1. Historical Significance: Throughout history and various cultures, a "SEER" has commonly been associated with individuals who possess the ability to see into the future or gain mystical insights. This aligns with the idea of a fortuneteller foreseeing events.
  2. Usage in Literature: The term "SEER" is frequently used in literary works to describe characters with precognitive abilities. For instance, in ancient mythology, seers like the Oracle of Delphi played crucial roles in predicting outcomes and guiding decisions.
  3. Popular Culture References: Contemporary media often portrays fortunetellers or individuals with prophetic powers as "SEERs." This association has solidified the link between the clue and answer in the minds of many crossword enthusiasts.
  4. Clue Consistency: In the context of crossword puzzles, "SEER" has become a conventional answer for clues related to fortunetelling, making it a common and recognizable solution to "Fortuneteller."

Considering these factors, "SEER" stands out as the apt solution for the clue "Fortuneteller" in today's crossword puzzle.

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More Answers:

  • SEER

Definition of "SEER"

a person of supposed supernatural insight who sees visions of the future

Example :
  • a seer had foretold that the earl would assume the throne
  • our seers have grown gloomier about prospects for growth
  • a seer of the future

  •  The Crossword clue "Fortuneteller" published 51 time/s & has 3 answer/s. 
    The Washington Post Sunday7 April 2024SEER
    USA Today29 February 2024SEER
    Star Tribune16 January 2024SEER
    Penny dell sunday17 December 2023SEER
    L.A. Times Daily11 December 2023SEER
    Crossword Champ Pro6 September 2023SEER
    Crossword Champ Daily6 September 2023SEER
    Universal25 January 2023SEER
    New York Times5 November 2019SEER
    Newsday.com30 March 2015SEER
    Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate19 October 2014SEER
    Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate30 May 2008SIBYL
    L.A. Times Magazine18 June 2006SEER

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