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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's crossword clue "Fletcher's groove" leads us to the answer "ETCH." Let's break down why this seemingly unrelated clue corresponds to the word "ETCH":

  • Fletcher's Reference: In this context, "Fletcher" is a reference to a person or a tool, often associated with crafting or precision work.
  • Groove Indication: The term "groove" suggests a marking or engraving made on a surface, which aligns with the action of etching.
  • Connection to "ETCH": When a craftsman or fletcher carves, cuts, or etches a design into a material, they are creating a groove in the surface, making "ETCH" the appropriate answer to this clue.

Therefore, the solution "ETCH" fits the clue "Fletcher's groove" as it correlates with the act of making marks or designs on a surface, akin to what a fletcher might do in their craft.

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Definition of "ETCH"

engrave (metal, glass, or stone) by coating it with a protective layer, drawing on it with a needle, and then covering it with acid to attack the parts the needle has exposed, especially in order to produce prints from it

Example :
  • aquatint is a process of achieving tone by etching a metal plate
  • the gallery has 12,000 prints engraved and etched by celebrated masters
  • the image is etched into the metal plate

  •  The Crossword clue "Fletcher's groove" published 20 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
    Mirror cryptic8 April 2024ETCH
    Crusader Crossword Express25 September 2018ETCH

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