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The solution for the clue "Fast partner possibly hopping mad" from Daily Cryptic crossword puzzle is mentioned here below. .

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Fast partner possibly hopping mad" leads us to the answer "FURIOUS" for several reasons:

  1. Fast: In this context, "fast" can refer to something happening quickly or at a high speed. When someone is "hopping mad," it suggests extreme anger that has manifested rapidly, aligning with the idea of being fast.
  2. Partner: The term "partner" in the clue could indicate a companion or someone closely related to the person who is experiencing intense anger.
  3. Possibly: The word "possibly" adds an element of uncertainty, hinting that the connection between the "fast partner" and the subsequent description may not be immediately obvious.
  4. Hopping mad: This phrase is a common idiom used to convey extreme anger or rage. The use of "hopping" suggests a heightened level of emotion, further reinforcing the intensity of the feeling described.
Therefore, when we combine these elements, the answer "FURIOUS" fits perfectly, capturing the essence of intense, rapid, and extreme anger that the clue conveys.

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Definition of "FURIOUS"

extremely angry

Example :
  • he was furious when he learned about it
  • he drove at a furious speed

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