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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's crossword clue "Everybody Hurts band" corresponds to the answer "REM." Here's why this clue leads to this answer:

  1. Everybody Hurts: The clue "Everybody Hurts" refers to a well-known song by the band in question. This clue hints at a specific musical piece that this band is famous for.
  2. Band: The term "band" in the clue implies a group of musicians rather than a solo artist. In this context, "REM" fits perfectly as the name of a band, not an individual artist.
  3. Association: REM, also known as R.E.M., is a renowned American rock band formed in Athens, Georgia, in 1980. They are widely recognized for their unique sound and impactful songs, including "Everybody Hurts."

Considering the context provided by the clue and the musical association with the song "Everybody Hurts," the answer "REM" accurately matches the given crossword hint.

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Definition of "REM"

a unit of effective absorbed dose of ionizing radiation in human tissue, loosely equivalent to one roentgen of X-rays.

 The Crossword clue ""Everybody Hurts" band" published 24 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Daily Themed Mini12 June 2024REM
L.A. Times Daily30 September 2023REM
Daily POP27 July 2023REM
Daily Themed16 March 2023REM
Crossword Explorer10 November 2022REM
Wall Street Journal31 March 2022REM
The Daily Beast27 December 2021REM
Daily Celebrity8 July 2021Rem
New York Times6 September 2010REM
L.A. Times Magazine23 October 2005REM

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